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Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a recruitment software built to manage recruiting processes across staffing agencies and corporate companies in an efficient manner. You can now streamline your complete recruitment processes, including candidate sourcing, resume management, applicant tracking, interview scheduling, communication, and your hiring functions within a single system.

The main objective of creating Zoho Recruit is to eliminate manual data entry and traditional methods of hiring, including spreadsheets for scheduling and resume attachment downloads on your desktop folders. Besides this, Zoho Recruit brings all the important stakeholders, that includes candidates, clients, and your recruiting team, onto one common platform.

Unique feature incorporations like the Source Boosters, Hiring Pipeline dashboard, Semantic search, and advanced customizations ensure you reduce your time-to-fill to a great extent and also the cost-per-hire on parallel. Finally, Zoho Recruit's advanced automation features help you save time and recruit smarter, faster and better.

Zoho Recruit is made in such a way to cater to diverse recruitment needs, and the editions are also crafted similarly. To give maximum value for what you invest.

System Requirements

Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based, user-friendly applicant tracking system and recruitment software that runs entirely on the cloud. Being a cloud application, Recruit relies on remote servers and needs a continuous internet connection when you're working. However, the advantage is that you are not required to download the application or install any files on your computer.

Account Set Up

Users in many organizations work from different locations, across different time zones and geography. Each user can set up their personal preferences in Zoho. You can personalize and manage the settings in your Zoho Recruit account, including defining a country locale, language, time zone, date format, etc. Certain operations that you perform in Zoho Accounts will be updated automatically in the personal settings of Zoho Recruit and vice versa.

Company Details

There are certain organization-specific details which help differentiate one organization from another. Zoho Recruit recommends Users with Administrator privilege customize these company-specific details so that all users under an organization-specific account will have these common features.

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