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Zoho People

Zoho People is an online Human Resource Management System designed to manage and access all your employee data from a centralized location. For more information on Zoho people, you can visit us.


Customizable dashboard with quick access to actions for an enhanced user experience.

Personalize your dashboard with the widgets you want. Drag and drop, enable and disable, and reorder your widgets. For example, if you want web check-in, pending goals, and pending tasks widgets to appear at the top of your dashboard, drag and move them to the top. If you don't want birthday and anniversary widgets, you can disable them.

To customize dashboards

  1. Click on the Customize Widgets icon on the top right corner

  2. Go to the respective widget you want to enable or disable

The dashboard in Zoho People comes with various widgets that provide the User with quick access to much important information. Based on the role, the types of widgets that can be used will vary.

Employee self-service is an essential part of any HRMS. It provides employees access to their records. Employees can also do much of their HR operations like applying for leave, accessing their timesheets, viewing necessary policy documents and more.

Personal Settings

The personal setting is an exclusive space for each employee to personalize their account and information.

Self-service tabs

For the User, the Self-service page serves as a focal point from where many of their days to day activities like applying for leave, viewing leave balance, logging attendance, logging time, updating personal information, and much more can be done effortlessly without the need to scuffle between tabs.


You will be able to view your complete profile like personal details, Skill Sets, your Reporting Manager and the list of your reports.


Manage your employee queries and questions with an efficient case management tool

Self Service

Your complete employee profile with quick add-ons to various services.

A consolidated platform for all your varied HR operations.

Add Users

Add employees, users, in many possible ways as adding users directly, inviting users, and importing users. Organize all information about users in one location and retrieve them quickly as and when needed.

Convert User into Employee Profiles

  • Go to Settings​.

  • Under Organization, select Users.

  • Select the user profiles you want to convert.

  • Click on the Convert to Employee Profiles button at the top.

Organization Settings

Add your company details like organization name, website address and company address. Define the super administrator and personalize your company logo.

You can set up the basic details of your Organization under Settings(gear icon) > Organization> Company Details.

You can replace the Zoho People logo with your own custom logo. Your company logo will appear at the top of your Zoho People account. Your logo must be the same size as specified. Create your logo in the 80 * 55 size for the best resolution.

  • From home, go to Settings (gear icon) > Organization > Company Details

  • By default, the Zoho People logo will be here. Click Change Logo

  • Click Choose File and select your custom logo from your computer.

  • Click Upload logo

  • Enter your Organization's name, address, contact number etc.

​Confirming your account

A verified account ensures better security and reduces spam communications to your account. It is also imperative that you confirm your account to be able to send out any official communication from Zoho People and to carry out key operations like user addition and domain verification.

As soon as you sign-up for a new account and provide your basic company details, you will see a popup banner prompting you to verify your account.

If you have an already existing Zoho People account

A portal name for your Organization would have been auto-generated by the system. To add another organization,

  • Click on the display picture of your account near the notification icon(right top corner). You will find your Organization listed.

  • Click on the gear icon > 'Manage Organization(s)' > Add Organization

User Access Control

Define and assign roles to employees in your Organization. Set up role-based permissions and determine what a user can and cannot access viz, assigning permissions for particular fields, adding IP restrictions, etc.,


Define various leave types for your Organization. Generate custom leave reports for your employees and manage their leave information more effectively.

Managing leave is a crucial part of the HR routine and also time-consuming. Zoho People's Leave is a simple and user-friendly online leave management module that helps you to record, manage and keep track of your employees' leave details effectively with minimized time theft.

Main Functionalities

  • Multiple custom leave types

  • Compensatory off logging

  • Location-based holidays

  • Leave based on units - Hours and Days

  • Leave types for each role/location and employee

  • Leave types based on experience level

  • Custom leave reports for individual employee

  • Import/Export leave data


Easily record time spent on various activities. Log daily and weekly timesheets and generate custom reports.

Timesheet is a simple and efficient time management software that allows you to record and keep track of your time working on various jobs. You can record your daily and weekly time logs, generate timesheets, configure multi-level approval for timesheets, generate bills, and get customized accurate reports for timesheets, payroll, and jobs. With this intuitive time tracking tool, you can track your employees' time regularly and manage your business productivity without any hassles.


Track your employees' time, attendance, overtime, comp-off, etc. A powerful attendance management system is vital to any organization looking to scale. Zoho People provides you with an accurate and user-friendly attendance management system that helps track your employees' time and attendance in an efficient way.


Share all your personal and company files online in one central place.


This date based execution option lets you pick a date field from a record in the form and allows you to define the day and time for the rule to be triggered.

Forms and Services

Drag and drop tools to create new custom forms. Add fields, quickly modify, delete and reorder them as per your requirements.

Data View and Reports Integration

Create new views to filter out the records that satisfy the specified constraint. Also, customize the views to view the required fields for the reporting purpose.

Mail alerts

Configure automatic email alerts to improve your workflow and be instantly notified of specific actions such as requests, status updates, edits, and approvals.


Configure a multi-level approval process for all forms and records in your organizational account and get them approved.


Post and share concise organizational announcements regularly to keep your employees up-to-date.

Website Integration

Publish web forms online and add the records to the Zoho People forms directly from your website.

Mobile App

Stay connected with Zoho People's mobile app. If you're working away from your work area or working from a client's location, check-in and check out right away

Performance Management

Make use of modules like KRA, Goals, Skill Set etc. and embrace an easy to use method of managing your Employees' Performance.

Payroll Integration

Complete payroll processing with ease by having key payroll data pushed from Zoho People to Zoho

Hence these are the modules in Zoho People. We can help you design a customised, scalable Human resource management system by - offer training and one-on-one support on-demand before and after the implementation.

Book your free consultation with us.

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