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Learn more about Zoho One Software and the various business applications that are part of the suite.

What is Zoho One?

Zoho One is a business suite of apps which can help you run your business more efficiently and in an effective manner from anywhere, and anytime.

Its core selling features include

  • A comprehensive suite of integrated applications to match your business' requirements.

  • Integrated applications assist you in defining and improving processes across your business.

  • Establishing processes within each team and facilitating more fluid hand-offs connecting departments makes it more comfortable for employees to satisfy your customers.

  • Zoho One Services operate across the system, providing you business intelligence, combined communication tools, out-of-the-box AI, and uncomplicated software management.

  • Enterprise-grade technology accessible to everyone.

  • A range of low code, no code, and professional development tools to customize, extend and integrate the operating system to suit your business need.

It has apps such as Zoho Books for accounting, Zoho Inventory, Zoho CRM, Zoho Mail, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Expense for expense management, Zoho Reports, Zoho Sites for websites, Zoho Recruit, Zoho HR for Human Resource Management, and many more. These apps are tightly integrated with Zoho Flow. You can simply turn on an app to improve the process. You can connect multiple apps so teams can work together to serve customers, manage finances and work productively.

Solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startup companies necessarily have to prioritize their investments on the core objectives and activities because of financial constraints, and hence 80 percent of small businesses avoid spending for software.

In the current business situation, businesses compete for limited profit margins. They are always in the threat of being killed by other competitors until they generate a solid customer base and have an edge in the market. Within this scenario, financial investment in software makes no sense, and it is always a good practice lean business model in the beginning. Simultaneously, it is necessary to make data-driven, strategic and quick decisions to win customers and stay in business.

Zoho One packs several unmatched operating system level services which include Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Intelligence, Messaging, Search, and more. These services make the platform all the more powerful. To this list, there are three additional services – Telephony, Single Sign-On and Provisioning. These make the platform more useful for enterprises that rely on Zoho One to run their entire company.

Here are a few highlights that entrepreneurs can enjoy with Zoho One

Communications - Telephony

Connecting a phone system to all the apps that you use can be a headache. They need to be hooked up and running one by one so the service from phone providers can be ‘siloed’, which can lead to a drain in the very thing a small business or startup is always in short supply of Time.

Zoho One introduces PhoneBridge, a boon to the entrepreneur world. Small businesses need to pay attention to this as this is a single access point for all the telephony and PBX systems.

Calls can be made, and you can have essential information pop up while you take the call – no need to fiddle around. The fun part is that you can take calls from all of these different applications! Get useful information with Zoho CRM, Mail, Recruit and more than 20 other apps! All without being in the app or opening it specifically.

Single Sign On

This feature allows you to use third-party apps in your Zoho account. Single Sign-On supports about 50 applications. It is another way updates can make your day-to-day activities more seamless. YubiKey authentication is a feature to add on to the multi factor options that are already supported, so security is a non-issue. It ’s another way these upgrades strive for simplicity. This allows you to sign into third apps from one single, central place, Zoho One. A game-changer for the way you deal with signing into apps, Zoho One is a big time saver.

This is a highlighted feature because often, along with a central app, there are a great deal of other apps individuals and businesses like using. For example, some like using Microsoft, whereas others only prefer G-Suite. With this Zoho update, they do not need to crack their heads choosing a single one.

Custom App Management & Provisioning

Zoho One already supports over 45+ branded apps. They are now making room for custom apps made from Zoho Creator and external apps through the Zoho Market place.

A digital space that bounds everything together, the Admin Panel allows small business owners to turn on the information taps as required to see all activity and app usage, whether the apps are from a third party or whether the apps are from Zoho

Orchestly App

Some businesses owners spend more time chasing business than sorting through IT solutions. Offered as a part of the updates, Zoho Orchestly App can be used by people without any coding skills. It’s simple to use with a drag and drop interface. It covers critical SMB objectives such as content publishing, purchase approvals and even onboarding, to name a few. Since there are fewer points for these simplifications to go wrong, every time you simplify your objectives, you make it even more secure.


A smart assistant from Zoho that allows you to search and find information about your company quickly. You can simplify application deployment, user provisioning and company-wide security policies.

All these updates, Zia, and Orchestly are free with Zoho One. Zoho one takes a holistic approach to your business. You have a complete and customizable platform that lets you have seamless communication and integration between your company’s departments. This helps you increase your entire business ’ performance.

New UI Power to Admins

The Zoho One launcher went through both a design and function upgrade in 2019. The updated user interface for the Web App gives both system administrators and users better options to organize their apps.

The admin dashboard also features essential organization-wide numbers such as successful sign-ins, failed sign-ins, app usage, and most-used apps, and more. This data helps admins understand their organization better and optimize app provisioning.

Let’s have a look at Zoho One ’s integrated applications

Sales Department with Zoho One

You can boost your sales with a set of efficient sales tools. You have different channels with structured and repeatable sales processes. This will give you better sales results and several ways to talk to your customers. This, in turn, can give you an advantage in closing sales.

All Zoho One channels have communication channels to close sales.

  • You can sell anywhere personally using the mobile CRM application. It is possible to associate each email exchanged with customer records.

  • The same goes for telephony, as you can integrate the CRM with the telephone system and therefore, develop more intelligent calls. It lets you generate more customers and allows you to follow up through social networks. There, you also have a live chat to talk to the users of your website online and begin the sales process. It also allows you to schedule online calls to present products and services and close deals.

  • You have the advantage of defining and automating your sales process and reach a faster growth rate for your organization.

You can –

  1. Track average deal size, sales goals, and other key performance indicators.

  2. Create sales orders, invoices and quotes.

  3. Send sales contracts for digital signatures.

  4. Gamify your sales with contests and games for your sales team.

  5. Scan business cards and save their information to ensure follow-ups.

  6. Have an office application group where you can create and share sales documents, presentation and advertising materials.

  7. Communicate with your team. You can chat with teammates on an individual basis, or dedicated channels through devices.

Marketing Department with Zoho One.

The marketing department can have a series of tools to build your brand, send appropriate messages to potential customers and make improvements in profitability. Zoho One allows you to create, optimize, and manage online stores and professional websites.In this aspect, you will have the analytical data to understand the behaviour of users concerning your online store or website. It allows you to provide users with a personalized experience. You can implement ways of attracting potential customers with tools to be in the correct place and say what is appropriate at the right time.

You can –

  1. Create customized forms and capture more customers and leads.

  2. Publish on social networks and control everything in a centralized location

  3. Create surveys to know your customers better.

  4. Create live events and live chats.

With this automated marketing process, you can increase the return on investment of your business. These repeatable and measurable marketing processes give you the benefit of shortening the sales cycle. You can also better align your sales and marketing teams. You have multiple functions not just for marketing and sales departments, but all sectors of your company which include – customer service, logistics, human resources, and so on.

"All Zoho Business apps are SaaS-based solutions, and there are no additional hardware expenses or maintenance fees. All upgrades, updates and bugs are updated automatically. "

Therefore, the total cost of ownership is zero. All the Zoho SaaS apps can be accessed using native android or iOS mobile application which unlocks you and your entire team from workstations.

Zoho Marketing Hub

Business marketers can use this new service to automate marketing processes and visualize their customer journeys. Marketers can create their own journeys or get started right away with a variety of pre-designed templates.

Finance Suite Application that are a part of Zoho One

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is a complete financial accounting software built according to the respective countries’ economic law. It adheres to the latest GST in India, VAT in the UAE and other GCC countries. This makes the solo entrepreneurs and small businesses avoid expensive financial consultants for filing taxes.

Zoho Invoice

It is a fully automated, invoicing SaaS app. It helps you send reminders for payments, timesheet entry tracking, payment receivables reports, progressive invoices for projects, payments collected reports, and goods sold reports. Also, the mobile apps send the invoice even when you are on the go.

Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory is a tool that helps you create purchase orders, sales orders, and execute your customer orders on time. Integration with Zoho Books, CRM payments and shipping company makes inventory management

Zoho One Applications Suite

All the list of Application that comes as a single integrated package

Zoho One Implementation

Sixty One Steps is Zoho Authorised Partners in Chennai. Whether you are a solopreneur, a small business or a large business, with Zoho Implementation services, you can automate the daily activities of the business, track sales and engage with customers.

"Having a Zoho One consultant by your side is a must-have to grow your business, and leverage many of the available features and integrations. "

Once you sign in through the Zoho platform, we will guide you through the process of getting your business processes modelled into the appropriate Zoho application. We will help you determine which add-ons and integrations are necessary for your business.

If you’re using Zoho for the first time, you will have to spend a lot of time learning the woodworks and workarounds to help your company transition into the new system. A lot of effort and resources will also be spent. This process will take a lot longer than if you had professional help. Your business might rely on having a functional and efficient system, so you can’t afford huge mistakes during the transition. Deploying multiple business applications is almost never easy. Therefore, you should allow Zoho consultants to do the heavy lifting for you.

"At Sixty One Steps, we first understand your business processes and recommend available methods to start implementing all of the application and best practices to help your company grow. We follow up our consultation, implementation with training until you and team members and comfortable to use the system and would continue to support until required. "

Being Zoho Partners Chennai, we have been able to help multiple brands with implementing Zoho applications that have enabled them to generate leads, qualify and assign to the sales team as Minimum Qualified Lead using the correct process.

Sign up for a free trial , and we would reach out to you with a complimentary 1-hour consultation to understand your business requirement and assist you with using Zoho One in the best possible way.

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