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Ways to view record in Zoho CRM

In Zoho CRM, you can choose to view the records in three different ways: List view, Kanban view, and Canvas view. For more information on Zoho CRM, you can visit us.

List views in Zoho CRM

List Views are beneficial for grouping records based on a defined set of criteria and displaying customer-specific data according to your business requirements. You can also use List Views to change record owners, delete records in bulk, and send mass emails.

  • With standard list views, one can modify the standard views and sort the order of the columns in the list. Note that you cannot delete this list of views.

  • With the custom list views can create, modify and delete the custom views and you can also sort the order of the columns in the list. The information will be recorded in the audit log.

You can perform number of actions in the list view just by clicking on to any one of the action and specifying the criteria

Or the other option is to select the records for which you wish to perform a certain action.

Filter panel consists various criteria using which a user can quickly find a record.

Filter records using system-defined fields such as touched records, untouched records, related lists, activities, etc.

Website activity: Filter records using fields such as chats, browser, search engine, etc. Note that, this section will be displayed only if SalesIQ is enabled.

Filter by fields: Filter records based on the different fields in the module. Both standard and custom fields can be used to find records.

Create Custom List Views

You can define criteria and create your own list view, and the records will be filtered based on the criteria you set. You can modify, delete, and also sort the order of the columns in a custom list view.

You can create this criteria easily using the criteria option given below:

You also have the option to share it with anyone you want.

Kanban View

In Kanban view, you can segregate the leads based on their status or categorize the sales depending on different stages. This information gives better insights into the potential bottlenecks and let's you fix them effectively. You can create such kanban views for all modules except Tasks, Calls, Meetings, Visits, Finances. There are two types of Kanban views in Zoho CRM: Pre-defined and Customizable.

Pre-defined kanban views are available for tasks, Calls, Meetings, Social, Visits, Deals, and SalesInbox and can be viewed by users in all the editions. You can categorize it based on Customers, Open Deals, Leads/Contacts and Others under CRM.

You can create a customized Kanban view for any module. To create a kanban view you have to enter the following details:

  • Kanban View name - You can enter any name for the kanban view created, for example, "Lead Details".

  • Categorize by - Select the category in which you want to segregate the data, for example "Lead Status".

  • Aggregate by - Select a currency for which you want the aggregated value. For example "Expected revenue, cost per conversion, cost per click etc. ". A summed up value for each category will be displayed.

  • Select Fields - Select the fields that you want to view within each record.

  • Header style - Choose mono color or random colors for the headers.

Create a Kanban View

Inside the kanban settings fill the following details such as

a) Kanban View Name

b) Categorized By

c) Aggregate By

d) Select Fields

To edit the kanban settings in the Modules page, click Kanban View Settings.

Working with Kanban View

You can also perform several activities apart from just viewing in the kanban view such as

  • You can drag and drop a record from one column to another based on the requirement.

  • You can send mass emails, create tasks, create macros and so on. From the More Actions icon, you can change owner, mass update a field, mass convert the leads or delete leads.

A user can sort the records based on the fields they want to view like company, first name, last name, lead owner and so on.

Canvas view

To create a canvas view for your modules, you can add a record image or arrange the fields in a different order or insert a background colour to the field text box or use a different font style for the text entries. Depending on your business needs, you can customize the way the records are displayed.

Design & Build Canvas View

To create a canvas view

  • Go to the desired module

  • Select the canvas view option

Choose a design template or Build your own canvas view

Group and Ungroup the fields

Replicate Canvas View

To select an existing canvas view

  1. Select a module and click Create Your First Canvas View.

  2. In the Choose Template page, go to the My Organization Canvas and select a canvas view from the displayed list. You will be redirected to the Field Mapping page.

In the Choose Template page, select a category from the available options. You can choose from People, Organization, Deals, Product, Help Desk, Real Estate, and Automobile.

You can also map the fields

and save it.

Business card view

You can also customize your business card by selecting any five fields from the list. Business cards are used to give a quick preview of the details of the record like email address, phone number etc., which comes in handy when you are on a call with a customer for sharing the company's information. You can customize it according to your convenience. You can find the option to customize the business card on the record detail page.

To customize the business card

On the Module Layout page, click Detail View. In the Business card, click Customize. Select the fields. You can add a maximum of 5 fields.

The record detail page will display the customized business card.

Replace fields from the Business Card

You can replace the fields in the business card directly from the record detail page. Hover over the field and click the down arrow to choose the desired field from the list.

Reorder and remove fields from Business Card

You can reorder or remove the fields in the business card from the record detail page.

In the Record Details page, click the More icon and select Customize Business Card.

You can disable the visibility of business card from the layout editor or the record details page.

Hence these are the ways to View record in Zoho CRM. We can help you design a customised, scalable CRM - offer training and one-on-one support on-demand before and after the implementation. We could speed up the sales pipeline by tailoring data-driven automated marketing campaigns while generating new leads.

Book your free consultation with us.

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