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Advanced filters in Zoho CRM

Working with advanced filters

Using advanced filters, you can extract valuable sales information in less time. Information that takes a much longer time to find can be easily identified with these advanced filters. With advanced filters, you can run more advanced searches based on the activities associated with the records. Your chances of discovering valuable sales information are much higher when the criteria for advanced filters are based on sales priorities such as tasks, notes and emails rather than just field values. For more information on Zoho CRM, you can visit us.

Filter records using advanced filters

To filter records using advanced filters, go to the desired module. Select the required module list view. Under Filter [Records] By, select the desired combinations. You can select any number of search combinations as required.

The records that meet the criteria are displayed.

You can select records and assign suitable follow-up activities or run macros on them. As shown in the given image.

You can select the criteria and save the filter.

After saving the filter you can see the number of records matching the filter's criteria varies, the updated count will be displayed beside the name of the filter.

You will be able to see the saved filters in the top left corner.

Discover records that are likely to convert

When there is a chance of a record to likely get converted into deal then using advanced filters, you can pull leads and deals that are trending up recently with better chances of conversion than before, and make sure that you don't miss out on any opportunity.

To do so, select the required module list view. Under Filter Deals By, select the following combinations:

you can filter deals based on their conversion prediction.

Filter contacts based on their Deal stages easily

Manually searching for each contact who is in that particular stage is time consuming. Through advanced filters in the Contacts module, zero down on those contacts easily. Send emails and other relevant documents only to those contacts who are in the value proposition stage. Contacts matching this criteria will be displayed. You can select all these contacts and send a mass email, update records or perform any other bulk action as required.

Track records based on Campaign responses

Campaigning methods like Conference, Advertisements, Banner Ads, etc., Zoho CRM allows integration with various online campaigning tools such as Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Surveys, Zoho Webinars, and Zoho Backstage.The customer responses in both offline and online campaigns are recorded in the CRM which can be used to filter out certain leads or contacts like leads who are invited or contacts who have replied to the email campaign.

These responses from the offline and online campaigns are captured in the member and service status fields respectively.

To filter leads or contacts based on campaign status

Go to the Required (Leads or Contacts) module, Under Filter Contacts By, select these combinations:

  1. Select the Campaigns checkbox.

  2. Specify the Campaign name and choose the respective campaign from the suggestions. You can choose up to 5 campaigns at a time.

  3. You can also select the Campaign type and Campaign status from the respective drop downs to narrow down your search suggestions.

  4. If your Campaign Name belongs to any offline campaigns, choose the Member status to be "Opened" and "Clicked" from a list of other options.

  5. If you choose the Campaign Name that is associated to the online integrations - Zoho Webinar, Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Backstage, Zoho Surveys, a supplementary filter, 'Service Status' gets enabled.

  6. Select the required option. In this case Clicked and Opened.

  7. Click Apply Filter.

Use Time Tracking Filters

Set of time-tracking filters will help you to easily filter records that have been worked on or not worked on in a specified time period.

1. Touched Records -

Records that have been updated in the specified period. This includes changes made to the related child records as well.

2. Untouched Records -

Records that have not been updated at all.

3. Record Action -

Records that have been modified in the specified period. This only brings up the records if any field in the record has been edited. This does not include changes made to the related child records.

4. Related Records Action -

Gives you records, only when their related child records have been updated.

5. Related Records Action -

Gives you records, only when their related child records have been updated.

Touched Records = Record Action + Related Records Action.

Advanced filters let you discover quick insights but also follow up on the results obtained. The moment you filter out records, advanced filters let you can act on them instantly. There are quick actions that can be taken on the records such as Macros, Mass update, Assign owner and so on. From the very same results page, you can follow up on the records instantly.

Track leads based on the average time spent on your website

Your leads are spending more time on the site, you know that they're interested. Tracking your leads based on the average time they've spent on your website is also an effective way of converting them to deals.

Using this you will be able to track leads based on the average time spent on your website.

Tracking leads based on email address of attender

Sales managers can track the progress that their sales reps have made by entering the email address of the sales rep who has attended to specific leads. For contacts module.

You also have an option to filter leads based on what browser your leads have used, it becomes easier to enhance the design of that website for that browser.

Hence these are the advanced filters in Zoho CRM that will help you extract valuable sales information in less time. We can help you design a customised, scalable CRM - offer training and one-on-one support on-demand before and after the implementation. We could speed up the sales pipeline by tailoring data-driven automated marketing campaigns while generating new leads.

Book your free consultation with us.

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